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Smart Blinds builds upon the already common window blinds, developing them into a modern, digital product that can intelligently handle light levels in a room.
Smart Home devices are becoming increasingly sought after today in our increasingly digital and connected world. Everyday devices are being revolutionized through modern technology to better serve their purpose. The market for this kind of products is very rapidly gaining traction every year and demand is high. Smart Blinds aims to target this kind of market and to make use of technology to improve the already common window blinds. Using light sensors, Smart Blinds can intelligently manage light levels in a room, removing the need for manual handling and other hassles.
Smart Blinds has the goal of improving good sleep for people and to regulate their circadian rhythm through the managing of light levels. Studies show that light levels in a room have a great impact on deep sleep and wake up timings.


Our team had no prior experience in creating an innovative product and to also manage and design it, we were new to this task and we were determined to gain more experience along the way. The hurdles that we faced early on were team related. We needed to establish team cohesion and accountability. Later on, we also faced problems regarding the scope of the project and the resources we have. Finally, the current restrictions have impacted our team in gaining resources and also prototyping the product. Despite these challenges, we managed to organize ourselves and to efficiently divide our work. Our team has greatly developed along the way and we are positive that we improved our chances of success immensely.