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Empathies - STEAM Challenge

We recognize that good health is something that needs to be maintained and our product is based on helping people keep healthy and improve their health and wellbeing.
We also recognize the need of new innovation and infrastructure for the future, which our product is based around the idea of. Our blinds will fit in seamlessly with new future infrastructures and run automatically and in the background helping to regulate light levels and keeping the room lit up well during the day.

Define - Use Case

We believe that we have identified inefficiencies in the current way blinds operate and how having a proper automatically-run smart blind can help not only run more efficiently but help improve a person’s health and wellbeing by managing the light-levels inside a room.

Ideate - Solutions

The core idea behind our smart blinds is to improve the health and wellbeing of people. We do this by managing the light-levels in a room which a smart blind is installed. Our smart blinds will regulate the light levels in the room 24/7 and automaticlly. The blinds will open in the morning upon sensing sunlight, allowing sunlight to enter the room and helping people with poor sleep cycles and irregular circadian rhythms to wake up on time and earlier. Our blinds also help maximise the amount of Vitamin D a person in the room can get, by using it’s daylight sensor to open when seeing sunlight and close when it’s night.

Prototype - Application

Our Prototype is based on regular looking and feeling blinds with a circuit board with motors to move the blinds and sensors fitted in to gather light.
Our Prototype blinds will have a controller wired within the blinds. This controller will house a motor and sensor.
The sensor will have three functions – to power the device, to send a signal when sunlight is detected to open the blinds, and to send a signal when there is no sunlight to close the blinds.
The motor will be receiving the signal and will open/close the blinds depending on the signal received from the sensor.
Our prototype will be blinds, but the final product can be curtains as well as blinds depending on what the customer prefers.
Our prototype will be able to run independently of user input and automatically, yet offers flexibility for user input through buttons on the controller giving the user the choice of manual control if they would like.

Final Prototype